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Arduino Survival Tin 


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Arduino Survival Tin 

Written By: Mortltd 



Side cutters (1) 
Soldering iron (1) 
Solder reel (1) 

Arduino microcontroller, Uno or 
Duemilanove (1) 

Servo (generic), feather servos are good 


tin; tobacco tins have their uses (1) 

micro speaker (1) 

led bundlejnclude led displays (1) 

Piezo Element (1) 

Memsic 2125 Dual-Axis accelorometer 


switch bundle (1) 

Arduino programming cable. (1) 

bundle of infrared devices. include a 
Parallax PIR (1) 

Bundle of jumper leads. (1) 

transistor bundle. MOSFET's as well (1) 

micro motor (1) 

resistor bundlejnclude potentiometers 
andLDR's (1) 

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Arduino Survival Tin 

Mini breadboard (1) 


This guide will show you how to build a survival tin, the Arduino way! 

Step 1 — Arduino Survival Tin 

• Be cautious when you work with Arduino boards as they are sensitive to static 
electrical discharge. 


Step 2 — Gather parts from shops or out of old junk. 

• I recommend Maplin and eBay. 

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Arduino Survival Tin 

Step 3 — Shortening leads. 

• If your USB cable needs to be 
shorter, fire up the soldering iron! 

Step 4 — Off -board components. 

• Components such as servos will 
require tinned wires to connect to 
the Arduino. Back to the soldering 

Step 5 — Pack it all up! 

• Get your tin and arrange the components in it. 

• You might want to include a battery snap and battery in the tin. 

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Arduino Survival Tin 

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